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Dental Care in a Relaxing Environment

Dr. Motwani understands dental anxiety. Even though he works carefully to deliver painless injections, some people are naturally distressed at even the thought of a needle. If you or a loved one breaks into a cold sweat at the mention of the word “dentist,” we have a simple solution.

One hour prior to your visit, you will take a pill that we dispense to you. In this way, you’ll relax to a point that allows you to respond to questions but mostly sleep through your entire appointment. This is ideal for fearful people or those who have a hectic schedule and want to achieve all their treatment in a single visit.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Breath in – breath out and relax. Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as “laughing gas,” can make your treatment more comfortable. This sedation is taken in through a mask that allows you to simply breathe in the medication that produces a sense of relaxation. Local anesthetic will then be administered together with the nitrous oxide to eliminate pain in most cases.

Comfortable Dental Treatments Bradenton FLThe STA System™ with The Wand™

With The Wand’s computer-controlled precision, the sensation of the overly-numb “fat-lip” may be a thing of the past! Just one injection at a single tooth with The Wand is all that’s required. It allows Dr. Motwani to anesthetize the precise treatment area in only one to two minutes, rather than administering an anesthetic that numbs your entire lip and takes 8 to 12 minutes to become effective. This is a more accurate and safer delivery of anesthesia. The STA works quickly and lasts as long as traditional anesthesia. This technology has been clinically proven to provide a pain-free injection.

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